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Base Salary Plus Commission: In this plan, employees receive a salary as well as a small commission. Straight Commission: This plan compensates employees strictly on a percentage of sales. There is no salary and employees don't receive income based on hours worked. Variable Commission: This plan is similar to a straight commission, but the. Using a mixed compensation model. Most companies pay a base salary that is complemented by commission pay and bonuses. A 70/30 split between base salary and commission plus bonuses is a fairly typical mix according to a 2008 survey from the Canadian Professional Sales Association. From this baseline, it’s a good idea to adjust as needed. In the past, a simple monetary bonus for meeting specific objectives was enough for employees, but as time has progressed, the demand for more diverse incentives has increased. There are six main types of incentive pay plans: One-time bonuses, profit-sharing, shares of stock, retention, non-financial recognition and career development. The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act On Mechanics. Section 7 (i) of the FLSA provides an exemption from the overtime pay requirement for any employee of a retail or service establishment if: 1. The regular rate of pay of such employee (i.e., his hourly rate) is in excess of one and one-half times the minimum wage, and. 2.
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